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Together at Our Table

Here at Blue Flame Kitchen, we firmly believe that food brings people together and unites us.

Our team of chefs created these easy everyday recipes with the hopes of stirring your curiosity and encouraging you to expand your palate with new flavours, taking inspiration from cuisines around the world.

We’ve come up with recipes that are simple enough to whip up on a weeknight, but impressive enough for weekend dinner guests. Taste a new ingredient, get curious about a new cooking method or learn about another culture by experiencing their food. It’s our intention that each dish is approachable and uncomplicated for every home cook, and with that goal, we’ve thoroughly tested each recipe to set you up for success. Our motto has always been -- source the best quality ingredients whenever possible and your food will really shine.

Some recipes combine an unfamiliar new flavour with an old favourite like our Chipotle Spiced Roasted Chicken, while others teach a new cooking method for example our Spiced Tostones, or use a traditional cooking vessel like our Moroccan Chicken and Chickpea Tagine.

And with that...we invite you on a culinary adventure, together at our table!

Published: 2020