ATCO Blue Flame Kitchen

Roasted Tomato & Basil Soup

Oven roasted tomatoes with fragrant, fresh basil create this hearty soup, a perfect companion to a grilled cheese sandwich.

Heating Instructions:

  • Pour sauce into a medium sauce pot.
  • Cook over medium heat until simmering, stirring occasionally.
  • Serve once thoroughly heated.
  • Promptly refrigerate leftovers.

Nut-Free: (Y)
Gluten-Free: (Y)
Dairy-Free: (Y)
Vegetarian: (Y)
Freezer Friendly: (Y)

Ingredients: tomato, onion, garlic, leeks, celery, tomato, honey, red wine vinegar, thyme, basil, bay leaf 

Yield: 1 litre or 2 portions

Pickup Only - NO Shipping
Only available at:
ATCO Park Commons Building
5302 Forand Street SW
Calgary, Alberta

Pick up instructions:

  1. Receive an email stating your order is ready for pickup.
  2. Park at in the round-a-bout at the South End of the ATCO Park Building.
  3. Call: 403-719-4893 and give your name, order number and confirm the vehicle you are driving.
  4. Open your trunk to prepare for delivery.
  5. A member of the culinary team will deliver your order to your trunk.


The Blue Flame Kitchen has always been here for the people of Alberta. Even in these challenging times, it’s important to us to maintain our sense of community, cooperation and connection with you.

We’d like to let you know the extra steps we’re taking to create a safe and healthy environment as we prepare take-away meals and grocery orders.

  • Our Red Seal Chefs have always been sticklers for cleanliness in our kitchens. In addition to frequent and rigorous hand washing, we’ve added more robust sanitizing and cleaning process.
  • As much as our chefs love working together, they’re now safely spaced throughout the kitchens to maintain social distancing and are going above and beyond to ensure your health and safety.
  • No cases of COVID-19 have been reported in ATCO, including the Blue Flame Kitchen. Even so, we’re monitoring the health of our chefs, including testing their temperatures at the beginning and end of each shift.
  • Our kitchens are locked down in a building that’s closed to the public. When our suppliers deliver ingredients, they unload the produce and leave the area before we open the loading dock and bring the supplies into our highly sanitized kitchens.
  • When you order online, we’ll deliver your order straight to the trunk of your car and send you on your way with fresh, delicious food and our very best wishes for your good health.