ATCO Blue Flame Kitchen

Banneton Bread Basket

The ideal basket for helping you make your bread. This bread bowl is finely crafted and is very sturdy to meet your bread making needs.

  • Sturdy wooden bowl for making healthy artisan bread
  • Ideal for shaping dough into boule rounds, and can support 2 pounds of dough to rise. 
  • High Quality Natural Rattan; Banneton bread proofing basket wicks away moisture from the dough while it is rising, leaving you with a crispy crust! 
  • Multifunctional and non-stick. Use with or without the sourdough bread bowl liner! Without: the coiled round bannetons create a ring line pattern on the bread. With: the final loaf develops a smooth, clean crust. Use with flour for complete non-stick transfer out of the bread proofing baskets.

Sourdough liners are only available in dark grey